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For immediate assistance with current mental health and wellbeing concerns:
Call the CalHOPE Warm Line:
(833) 317-HOPE (4673)


Animated Shorts

Join the ride with Drip, Poppy, Diego, and Juli in these cool animated shorts, diving into the wild world of adulting, unpacking the real deal about asking for help, vibing with the strength of community, and embracing the shared human experience with mad compassion and understanding.

Watch All 6 Episodes

Available in English and Spanish

Cambia a español seleccionando "ES" en el desplegable de idioma (arriba a la derecha en la barra de menú).

Episode 1

Feeling swamped and drowning in tasks? Totally cool to reach out and ask for what you need!

Episode 2

People care more than you think!

Episode 3

Everyone deserves support, including you!

Episode 4

Your squad is tight!

Episode 5

Life is something we do together!

Episode 6

Compassion: Get it, Give it!

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