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For immediate assistance with current mental health and wellbeing concerns:
Call the CalHOPE Warm Line:
(833) 317-HOPE (4673)

CalHOPE Schools Initiative Partnership Website Privacy Policy


The CalHOPE Schools Initiative Partnership (CHSIP) is committed to keeping personal information private and secure, as required by law and policy.

CHSIP uses analytics to electronically gather anonymous information on the website when you visit, browse or make an account.

We gather


  • The city from which you access our site

  • Your browser type and operating system

  • The date and time you visit the DHCS site

  • The web pages or programs you access

  • The average number of pages you view

  • Any items you download

  • Your email address, if you submit it to us.

CHSIP shares your information amongst its partners but will not sell your information.

This site utilizes Wix and Typeform and you can find their website polices below:

Wix Privacy Policy (See Section 6)

Typeform Privacy Policy

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