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For immediate assistance with current mental health and wellbeing concerns:
Call the CalHOPE Warm Line:
(833) 317-HOPE (4673)

Stories of Hope: Shorts

Available starting early September 2022 as part of the CalHOPE Schools Initiative

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Stories of Hope: SHORTS

Stories of Hope: SHORTS is an inspirational short story and conversation series featuring real youth sharing real stories of how finding their pathway to hope was possible despite the emotional challenges they faced.

The stories include interviews with youth and professionals all demonstrating hope is possible. Each story concludes with a youth guided discussion to help the audience engage their own story of hope.

Youth Guided Discussions

Having a conversation about emotions and feelings can be hard, but with every conversation, we can address stigma, break down barriers and help those closest to us when they need it most.

Utilizing evidence-based interactive conversations led by youth for youth, The discussions provide the audience with a platform to share their voices and raise awareness around mental health.

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How Stories of Hope can have a positive impact on our youth

"I believe this is a megaphone of hope. So often in today's culture with social media, the scary and the negative and the harmful things. Those are the things that are the loudest and get the most attention. Meanwhile, there's redemptive hopeful stories, there's ways that individuals can learn how to support others that need to be louder."

- Jeremiah Aja, Wellness Together

A Photograph of Jeremiah Aja. with the text "Hope needs a megaphone" overlayed

According to data from the CDC, in 2021, more than a third (37%) of high school students reported they experienced poor mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 44% reported they persistently felt sad or hopeless during the past year.


Youth struggling with their feelings often feel alone.

The stories in the Z-Cares series are shouting hope from a megaphone and showing the viewers they are not alone. The brave young people in these stores show through adversity and hard times, there is hope. Audiences will be able to relate to these stories and know, if these strong young people in the stories can do it, so can they.

Classroom Lecture

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