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A Trusted Space® 

A Trusted Space®: Redirecting Grief to Growth


Creating a Trusted Space in 5 Days - Discussion Guide
A Trusted Space®: Redirecting Grief to Growth

What you will find in this packet of materials:

• Understanding trauma and how it effects academics.

• Setting up Trusted Spaces, what and why.

• Building five essential teacher ‘muscles’ and creating trusting relationships while maintaining your authority and credibility.

• The Notice Choose Act Decision Making Framework

• Five days of SEL lessons and activities to kick off an extraordinary school year.

• Setting up a Take 5 Space: Virtual and In-Person


Curriculum Video Lessons

19 Curriculum Videos covering "NOTICE. CHOOSE. ACT.", the Five Muscles and Creating a Take 5 Space.

Companion Conversation for Classrooms

Mini PD for Educators

Post-Screening Survey

We would love to hear your feedback on this important program.

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